Choosing the Right Vape Tank for You

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Choosing the Right Vape Tank for You
Now that you have your vape, you might be wondering which tank you should use to get the most out of your vaping experience. Tanks, sometimes referred to as atomisers, are the part of the vape that holds your E-liquid. Inside of the tank is the coil which is responsible for heating up the E-liquid and creating the satisfying vapours you inhale.

Aspire, a leader in e-cigarettes and accessories, offers premium tanks packed full of technology and features that will keep you satisfied. Read on to find out more about the different types of Aspire tanks and discover which one is right for you.

Aspire Nautilus XS Tank
The Aspire Natilus XS Tank uses innovative Nautilus BVC technology which the Aspire brand made famous. Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) tanks have vertical u-tech coils with the wick on the outside. These coils allow for a better airflow and better airflow results in better taste.

Nautilus XS tanks are made of Pyrex glass. In addition to the glass giving these tanks a sleeker look, the sturdiness of the material means you can use any type of e-liquid without having to worry about your tank developing any cracks

Perfect for beginners or experienced vapers, the Aspire Nautilus XS also boasts heat resistant technology and is top filled so you can go about refilling the tank leak-free. The Nautilus XS tank is compatible with most 510 thread connection vape mods.

Aspire Athos Tank
The Aspire Athos Tank is ideal for more experienced vapers who want to create big clouds. It is a top fill tank with an adjustable airflow so you will get the exact amount of Direct-to-Lung vapour you want without worrying about leaks. You can also expect a clean, strong flavour every time thanks to the Athos Tank’s advanced coils.

The tank is available in three stylish colours and is durable, too. It is made of stainless steel with a Pyrex glass tube covered in a protective metal sleeve. Maintenance is a cinch due to its easy disassembly so you will not have to struggle when cleaning the tank or replacing the coils.

The Aspire Athos Tank is suitable for any 510 threaded vape mod that is capable of sub-ohm vaping.

Aspire K3 Tank
The K3 tank by Aspire boasts the Aspire Nautilus BVC technology so it provides a clean, long-lasting mouth to lung taste. Its Pyrex glass tube makes it able to handle most e-liquids so you will not have to worry about cracks. Its fixed airflow ensures consistent vapour production.

This bottom filled tank is compatible with most low-end power mods with a 510 thread connection. Available in black and silver, the Aspire K3 tank is luxurious yet low cost so it is perfect for everyday vaping at beginner and intermediate levels.

Vapes Direct is your one-stop shop for everything you need to vape in the UK. You can find Aspire Nautilus XS Tanks, Aspire Athos Tanks, and Aspire K3 tanks available to buy online through

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