E-liquids by Dripmore- What's the Hype?

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Dripmore Bubblegum TwinPack Shortfills Blue Razz
A comprehensive collection of e-liquids by Dripmore has taken the e-liquid market by storm. Within the vast market of the vaping industry, Dripmore E-liquids have set themselves apart with their speciality blends and flavourful mixes. With Dripmore headquarters located in California, there’s plenty of sunny inspiration to go around. This Vaping Giant is well known for providing some of the most unique and outlandishly creative vape flavours on the market from Peachy Rings to Jaws and Hard Apple on Salt.

Their success and the hype surrounding it have everything to do with their ability to sell premium quality, genius products while creatively tapping into your tastebuds.

What are E-liquids?
E-liquid, or e-juice, is a combination of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavourings, water, and nicotine embedded into a battery-powered device called a vape pen. When activated, the E-liquid is vaporised for inhalation and then exhaled through the mouth. The E-liquid is responsible for giving the vapour, or fume, it’s nicotine and flavour.

Dripmore E-liquids
Dripmore’s signature stamp on the vaping community is their ability to perfectly replicate with an adult twist, childhood Candy favourites. From their Bubblegum range which includes strawberry-watermelon and pink lemonade, to Gummy Worms flavouring, Peachy Rings and Butterscotch, Dripmore’s passion for capturing the imagination is present in their line of innovative flavours. You can buy Dripmore Shortfills for your vape pen or select from the Nicotine Salt Range.

Their E-liquids arrive in a 60ml container with a nicotine concentration of either 0mg, 3mg or  6mg and a proportion of 70VG/30PG. You can buy Dripmore E-liquids online from Vapes Direct.

The Best Flavour: Dripmore Bubblegum TwinPack Shortfills Blue Razz
Bubblegum by Dripmore is a berrylicious kick in the mouth. This highly sought after blend of tasty and juicy berry flavoured bubble gum is created using a deep, sweet explosion followed by a chasing tartness, reminiscent of summer fruit indulgence!

The lush taste is superior and balanced by the tart afterburn and hint of bubble gum for reminiscence. Dripmore Bubblegum E-liquid gives a scrumptious, refreshing taste on the inhale with a reviving, tart aftertaste on the exhale. It's truly one of those flavours that you will never burn out on vaping.


Key Takeaway

Dripmore’s regard in the vaping industry is due to their premium blends and innovative creativity. They’re experts for those with a sweet tooth when it comes to vaping flavours and their childhood sweet-inspired repertoire will leave you feeling reminiscent of the good old days. For Delicious Dripmore products visit our online store today https://www.vapesdirect.co.uk/.

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