Geek Bar VS Elf Bar: Comparing the Best disposables Vapes in 2022

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 Geek Bar VS Elf Bar: Comparing the Best disposables Vapes in 2022

GeekVape produces two of the most popular disposable e-cigarettes on the market, Elf Bar and Geek Bar. If you’re wanting to get in on the disposable vape craze but don’t know which one to start with, take a look at our guide below. 

Feature Differences: Geek Bar vs Elf Bar

Disposable vapes can’t be beaten for their convenience and ease of use. They come precharged, prefilled, and are ready to use right from the box. Both the Geek Bar and Elf Bar are TPD compliant, have 2ml e-liquid capacity, are draw activated, and ccme prefilled with tasty e-liquid.  

Geek Bars and Elf Bars are both discrete devices that highlight the best parts of disposable vape ergonomics. The Geek Bar is a smooth edged, rectangular shaped device that looks very futuristic in its design. The Elf Bar is a little bit bigger and has a circular shape that is more like a slim pen device.

Geek Bar vs Elf Bar: Flavour Comparisons

Both ranges offer robust, delicious e-liquid flavours that will leave you wanting more. Geek Bars come in more flavours and boast many unique fruit, menthol, and ice e-liquids. Elf Bars are available in more classic flavours including ones inspired by desserts and drinks.

Popular Geek Bar Flavours

  • All Day Grape
  • Blue Razz Lemonade
  • Lychee Ice
  • Tobacco
  • Watermelon Ice

Popular Elf Bar Flavours

  • Cola
  • Grape
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Watermelon

Geek Bar vs Elf Bar: Performance

Both devices are exceptional in terms of disposable vape performance but Elf Bars have a slight leg with a bigger battery and higher puff count.

The Geek Bar has a 500mAh battery and around 575 puffs and the Elf Bar uses a 550mAh battery with around 600 puffs. An Elf Bar should last a bit longer than a Geek Bar, but this is subject to your vaping style and how often you vape.

Geek Bar vs Elf Bar: Which is Better?

You can’t go wrong with either Geek Bars or Elf Bars. They both have similar functionality and give users hundreds of puffs of incredible tasting vapour. It’ll simply come down to which one you prefer using or which one has the flavour you want. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be extremely satisfied!

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