Elf Bars and the Myths Surrounding them.

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Elf Bar Disposable Vapes only £3.89 each.


In this Blog we will Attempt to answer the common questions around the Elf bar.


What is an Elf Bar?

Does the Elfbar Contain Nicotine?

Does the Elfbar need coils?

Can I quit Smoking using the Elf Bar?

What flavours does the Elf bar come in?

What Strength is the Elf Bar?

How Many Puffs from one Elf Bar?


Elf Bars are a disposable vape that has hit the vaping Channel by storm, and has been catching everyone's attention at £3.89 per unit. Disposable vapes are popular due to the fact they require no maintenance, and come pre-filled with Nicotine Salt E Liquid which delivers nicotine into your blood stream over a longer period of time - with a much smoother throat hit.


The Elf Bar is a Mouth to Lung device which accentuates the same style of smoking, it has a smart heating system and there are no buttons. To activate the device all you need to do is inhale and off it goes.


Features & Specifications

  • Compact Disposable Kit
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • 600 Puffs Per Bar
  • Inhale Activated
  • 20mg Nic Salt
  • Smooth Throat Hit
  • 2ml of Salt Nicotine E Liquid
  • Appearance & Design


The ELF Bar disposable vape pod is a lightweight and ergonomically designed disposable pod system that has been getting a lot of interest in the vaping community. Disposable vapes are popular mostly with new vapers who have recently taken the switch from cigarettes to vaping, the pure convenience of simply taking it out of the packaging and vaping straight away is very popular.


The ELF Bar has a nice slim body with a thin mouthpiece that's very comfortable to use. The body of the vape has a smooth matte finish that feels great when using and surprisingly doesn't show fingerprints. It has a 550mAh battery which is all that's required for this device. Elf has calculated how much battery life is needed, so don't worry you won't run out of battery before the juice is finished.



The Elf Bar is colour coded to its flavour and there is an incredible amount of flavours to choose from. Elf Bar brings you over 24 different flavours


Elf Bar Disposable Flavours

Apple Peach - Freshly picked juicy apples and delicious ripe peaches

Banana Ice - Ripe tropical bananas with a nice cool touch of ice.

Blue Razz Lemonade - Classic fruity flavours featuring Blue Raspberries delicious all-day vape.

Blueberry - Freshly picked blueberries, sweeter than a natural blueberry flavour but not a candy flavour.

Cola - We all know what cola tastes like and now we have this deliciously cool cola by Elf Bar

Cotton Candy Ice - Deliciously sweet and cool - a rare treat!

Cream Tobacco - A sweet and mellow tobacco flavour

Grape - A cross between a natural and a sweet candy Grape

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava - A tropically inspired sensation!

Lychee Ice - Exotic juicy lychee fruit squeezed over a glass of ice, a perfectly refreshing vape.

Mango - Deliciously sweet mango which is a cross between natural and a mango gummy candy

Mango Milk Ice - Tropical sweet mango blended with creamy milk and finished with an icy touch

Peach Ice - Sweet peaches finished off with a touch of menthol ice.

Pineapple Peach Mango - Juicy pineapple and soft peaches fused with mango to create a tantalising vape experience

Pink Lemonade - This party favourite mixes classic lemonade with a fruity twist.

Red Bull Ice - Enjoy the vibrant and tangy taste of a fizzy red energy drink

Spearmint - A deliciously fresh vape with the subtle sweetness of Spearmint

Strawberry Banana - Ripe strawberries blended with tropical bananas.

Strawberry Ice - Juicy strawberries with a refreshing touch of ice.

Strawberry Ice Cream - The classic fusion of strawberries and cream with the added touch of ice.

Watermelon - A vibrant and exotic flavour of freshly sliced watermelons bursting with flavour



Elf Bars along with Geek Bars are the most popular disposable vape devices and once you've tried them, it's not hard to tell why. These pocket-friendly vapes are a great choice for any smoker who is wanting to take the first steps to become smoke-free but doesn't want to shed out on buying a full vape kit, vape coils and e liquid, not to mention getting liquid everywhere!


Like with other disposable vape pens, Elf Bars are best used when using the Mouth to Lung vaping style (also known as MTL). Due to the Elf Bars simple auto draw feature, vaping is much easier and more of a natural 'pull', which would suit an ex-smoker.


The Elf bar states that you should be able to get 600 puffs out of each Bar! There isn’t a display screen so the only way of knowing how many puffs you’ve had would be to keep a tally, though we believe 600 small puffs and 500 large inhalations.


Are Elf Bars Bad For You?

Using an Elf Bar is no different to any other disposable vape pen or vape kit. Vaping is still an effective tool to quit smoking and it is 95% less harmful than smoking. The best thing for any smoker is to consider their health and quit smoking.


Guidance published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) supports the use of vaping & e-liquids to help people who are struggling to quit smoking. This is backed by an evidence review carried out by Public Health England (PHE), which found that although not completely risk-free, vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.


Best Elf Bar Flavours

We would love to tell you which ones are the best but this will always come down to personal preference. I personally love Fruit E Liquids and The Elf Bar Blue Raspberry Lemonade tastes amazing in my opinion but this may not be to someone else's liking.


The best way to determine the Best Elf Bar Flavours is to have a look at each one and make sure that the flavour notes for each one are something that you would enjoy. Y


Final Thoughts

The Elfbar is great to carry in the hand, simple to use and gives a good nicotine hit where and when needed, without me having to carry bottles of eliquid and extra batteries.


The large range of flavours is very impressive. The variety of flavours is important as it just means that you won’t suffer from vapers tongue from vaping the same flavour over and over.


This isn’t the first disposable vape we have at Vapesdirect, we carry ranges from Geekbar, Yolo, Nasty Fix Air bar the IVG Air Bar which again is another great contender. If you are looking for a new disposable vape pen we would highly recommend giving the Elf Bar a go.

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