How Often to Change Smok Pods?

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How Often to Change Smok Pods?

SMOK vape pods are stronger than traditional vape pens, but don’t require a bunch of specialist knowledge to operate and maintain like advanced vape mods do. This means SMOK pod devices bring the best of both worlds to beginner and experienced vapers alike: they are very easy to use, yet powerful enough to satisfy even the most intense cravings.

Most pods are refillable so when you run out of e-liquid, you just top it up and if the coil burns out, many pods allow for replaceable coils. This makes these types of pods longer lasting than pods that come prefilled with e-liquid and use non-replaceable coils. However, over time you will eventually need to replace your refillable pod.

How Long Do Pods Last?
The longevity of your pod depends on the type of pod you use. If your SMOK pod is refillable and uses replaceable coils, you can get weeks out of it. This is because you don’t have to buy a new pod each time your coil burns out or you run out of e-liquid: you just put in more e-liquid and a fresh coil. Depending on how much you vape and the strength/type of e-liquid you use, you may need to replace your pods more often.

SMOK pods are strong and durable, but over time they can degrade in quality from heavy use or from accidents like dropping your vape. To prevent leaks or damaging your entire SMOK vape pen, it is best to replace the entire pod. Plus, new pods tend to have a crisper, cleaner taste than a pod that has been used for a while with different e-liquid flavours.

Many vapers use more than one pod with their SMOK pen so they can use different coils. For instance, if you want to use a nicotine salted e-liquid, you will need a coil with at least a 1.0ohm resistance. You just switch out the pod depending on the type of vaping experience you’re in the mood for.

At Vapes Direct, SMOK pods come in packs of 3 so you won’t have to buy them as often. If you have an accident or just want a fresh pod, you’ll always have one on hand. To buy high quality, affordable SMOK replacement pods.

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