How to care for your vape batteries?

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buy vape battery online UKIf you have a vape pen or starter vape kit, you probably don’t think about your vape battery too often. In beginner or basic vapes, the battery is usually built-in and all you have to worry about is keeping it charged.

Once you move on to a more advanced vape like a box mod, you’ll need to give more consideration to your vape batteries. This is because more advanced vapes like box mods use one or more removable batteries. 

Removable batteries give you a lot more freedom when it comes to how you power your device. Another benefit to removable batteries is that you can buy two sets, leaving one set to charge while you use the other set. So you’ll never have to worry about waiting for your vape to charge!

There are a lot of benefits to having removable vape batteries, but to get the most out of them, you need to properly care for them so that they stay safe and in top condition. Plus, the better condition your batteries are in, the longer their lifespan will be, and the better your clouds.

Basic Vape Battery Safety

  • Turn off your batteries when they or your vape aren’t in use.
  • Never carry an e-cig battery loose in your pockets or handbag. This will prevent damage and keep your batteries from coming into contact with metal items like coins.
  • Use protective cases made of plastic or rubber when transporting your batteries.
  • Avoid exposing your batteries to water or extreme temperatures.
  • Check your batteries for signs of damage like peeling wraps or water damage. If you notice any damage, replace your batteries immediately.
  • Only charge your batteries with the correct chargers and cords, being careful to not mix different branded products. Most accidents are linked to using incorrect equipment.
  • Don’t overcharge your batteries.
  • Never leave charging batteries unattended or leave them charging overnight.

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