How to Clean a Vape Tank: Benefits of Keeping Your Tank Clean?

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How to Clean a Vape Tank: Benefits of Keeping Your Tank Clean?

One of the most important aspects of vape maintenance is having a clean vape tank. To keep your e-liquid tasting crisp and to prevent your device from damage, you need to regularly clean out your tank. Over time, e-liquid residue can gunk up the works, damaging your vape and compromising the way your vapour tastes. This is especially true if you switch up your e-liquid flavours because you could end up mixing flavours that don’t compliment each other. Yuck!

How to Clean a Vape Tank
The easiest way to clean your tank is with a quick rinse. To do this, first remove your tank from the battery, then remove the coil and let out any leftover vape juice. Using lukewarm water, hold your tank under a faucet and let the water run through it for around 30 seconds. Gently shake out any excess water and then leave it on a paper towel to dry. Make sure it’s fully dry before you fill it back up with e-liquid.

The rinse method is ideal for those who don’t vape heavily or for when you are using a new e-liquid flavour. However, if you’re a heavy vaper, your vape will need a deeper clean. Follow the above steps then grab a small micro-fibre cloth or paper towel. Dip the cloth in whatever you’re using to clean it (we recommend vodka, vinegar, or dish soap) then rub it around inside of your tank. Give your tank one final rinse and leave it to dry.

the thought of having to wait for your tank to dry before you can vape again, clean it before bed or buy a spare tank. Having a spare tank will make it easier to switch between different e-liquid flavours, too.

Aspire Vape Tanks
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