How to Use the Geek vape Geek Bar Disposable Pod Device?

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How to Use the Geek vape Geek Bar Disposable Pod Device?
Geek Bars have quickly made a name for themselves in the vaping world and one puff on these ingenious little devices will show you why. They are adored by new and experienced vapers alike because of their ease of use, wide range of flavours, and strong hits of vapour they provide.

If you are wanting to try disposable vapes, but aren’t sure exactly how they work, read our guide to find out everything you need to know about Geek Bars.

FAQ About Geek Bars

  • Are Geek Bars Difficult to Use?
    Disposable vapes like Geek Bars are pretty much foolproof. All you have to do to get your tasty vapour is inhale! It couldn’t be any easier to vape.

  • Do I Need To Charge My Geek Bar?
    No accessories at all are required for Geek Bars, including charging cables. Everything you need is right inside your Geek Bar.

  • Do Geek Bars Last Long?
    Geek Bars offer around 575 puffs each, making them similar to the amount of puffs you typically get from a pack of cigarettes. Except Geek Bars cost about half as much as most packs of cigarettes, so they are much more cost-effective.

  • Do I Need to Refill Geek Bars?
    In addition to not needing any accessories, you also don’t need to refill the juice in your Geek Bar. Simply use your bar until it runs out of juice then start puffing on a new one.

  • How Many Flavours Are There?
    Geek Bars are available in 15 delectable flavours including Banana Ice, Grape Strawberry Ice Cream, Green Mango, and Lychee Ice.

  • Will Geek Bars Satisfy My Cravings?
    Absolutely! In fact, many ex-smokers prefer Geek Bars to other types of vapes because they most closely mimic cigarettes in terms of being draw activated. They also use 20mg nic salts so you’ll get a strong hit of delicious nicotine with every puff.

Now that you know everything about Geek Bars, head over to Vapes Direct’s online shop to buy your first Geek Bar. Buy cheap disposable vapes, disposable grape flavour e-liquids, premium quality vape juice, and so much more online from Vapes Direct. 

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