It's Stoptober! Best Month to Quit Smoking

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It's Stoptober! Best Month to Quit Smoking
It’s October so you know what that means- carving pumpkins and kids trick or treating! October also marks the start of a major annual campaign called Stoptober. Stoptober’s goal is to get smokers to quit smoking for 28 days (or four weeks). Studies have shown that if you quit for 28 days, you’re up to five times more likely to be able to quit smoking for good.

Stopping smoking is hard to do, but it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Even if you have smoked for decades, quitting will result in major health benefits. It’s never too late to quit! There are many ways to help you quit with one of the most popular being e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are devices that let you inhale nicotine vapour. This means you’ll get the nicotine hit you crave without all the tar and CO2 that comes with smoking cigarettes.

The nicotine vapour is made by the device heating up e-cigarette liquid. E-cigarette liquid contains nicotine and often has flavourings added in to make it a delicious experience.

Double Drip Nic Salts
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