Smok Novo Pods vs Smok Novo Kits: Are You Still Confused About Them?

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Smok Novo Pods vs Smok Novo Kits: Are You Still Confused About Them?
To mod or to pod? If you aren’t sure about the difference between vape mods and vape pods, then read on! We’re here to give you the rundown on SMOK Novo Pods and the SMOK Novo Kit.

What Are Pods?
Pods are becoming increasingly popular because of how convenient and easy they are to use compared to the tanks on vape mods. They use the same vapour technology as more advanced mods, just at a lower temp. It’s like having a vape mod tank, but without all the maintenance and care a mod needs.

A pod is essentially a two-part vape system. At the top is a pod filled with vape juice and a battery below it snaps into. Because vape pods pack more power and have a lower temperature, you can use nic salts with them. Nic salts use a more potent form of nicotine so when you inhale you get a throat and nicotine hit that is similar to what you get when you smoke cigarettes. This is why a lot of people who just quit smoking prefer pod systems.

SMOK Novo Pods
The SMOK Novo pods come in a pack of three so you will always have one on hand if you need a replacement. The mouthpiece is smooth and ergonomic, making it a delight to inhale from.

This refillable pod has a 2ml capacity and a mess-free side fill port for your e-cig liquid. It is compatible with 1.2ohm and 1.5ohm SMOK Novo coils that just snap into place when they need to be replaced.

SMOK Novo 2 Kit
SMOK Novo kits are consistently rated as the best e-cigarette starter kits in the UK. They are sleek, powerful, and provide delicious clouds of vapour. It is portable enough for everyday use, but strong enough to give you those throat hits you crave. Using the SMOK Novo Pods, the SMOK Novo Kit is a great way to move beyond vape pens. It is easy and intuitive to use and everything you need to vape comes in the box.

For the best e-cigarette starter kits and pods in the UK, visit Vapes Direct. You can buy genuine high-quality, low-cost SMOK gear online like the SMOK Novo 2 Pod Kit and SMOK Novo Pods.

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