The Best E-Liquid for Every Type of Vaper

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Best E-Liquid for Every Type of VaperThere are different types of e-liquid brands in the market, and first-time vapers often need help with the selection. Unlike a traditional cigarette, limited to menthol flavours or tobacco, the e-juice selection is extensive.

Determining what works best for you is often one of the most satisfying parts of your vaping journey. But for most people, it becomes a journey of discovery that starts with a single puff. 

Initially, choosing the suitable vape liquid and flavour that suits your personality and preference is hard. However, over time, you will branch out and explore beyond your comfort zones as you progress with your vaping journey. 

Identifying the 3 Common Types of Vapers

There is a large spectrum of vapers – from the newbies, cloud-chasers, flavour-chasers and a whole lot more. Knowing your category will help you understand your vaping pattern so you can develop your habits and personality.

The Novice. These are often primarily composed of the younger generation exploring the vaping scene. They ask lots of questions because they need to familiarise themselves with the jargon and terminologies.

The Flavour Chasers. These vapers are primarily on the lookout for e-liquid brandsthat are coming up with new and exciting flavours.Therefore, they do not stick to one vape liquid or flavour but try to experience every one of them.

The Cloud-Chasers. Cloud chasers are those who like to blow big clouds in every hit. These people tend to become vape competitors and usually deck out the latest mods, devices, or vape liquid from their sponsors.  

Exploring Different Ejuice Flavours

If you are trying to quit smoking, one of the exciting parts of vaping is exploring the different selection of flavours. Though most smokers are typically tempted to choose tobacco-flavoured e-liquids, some keep their options open.

For experienced vapers exploring new flavours, understanding the types of vape liquid uk helps ease the selection process and allows you to understand your preferences thoroughly. Regardless of your vaping experience, the general rule is to start your vaping habit, and you'll want to start at a level that allows you to accustom yourself to the nicotine content. When choosing an e-cigarette liquid, choose a flavour with the uniqueness you want and the hit that satisfies your palate.

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