The Best ever Smok Novo Comparison with Kits and pods

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The Best ever Smok Novo Comparison with Kits and pods

If you've not heard about SMOK then you’ve been missing out. SMOK novo are a leading vape brand that produce some of the worlds most popular vape kits, pods and e-cigarette start kits.

SMOK Vape Pods
If you are looking for stylish and compact the SMOK novo vape pods are perfect for those who have an on-the-go lifestyle and for those who are looking for quality and stress-free vaping. Pods are more powerful than you regular e-cig and use the same sub-ohm technology as a mod create vapour.

A pod vape system is all-in-one because they include everything you need for vaping. It comes with cartridges with built in coil, a wick and e-juice. You will not have to worry about purchasing a tank or atomizer, because a pod system is a self-contained device. Like we mentioned earlier its hassle free, and you can choose from a cool selection of colours. A pod vape comes in all shapes and sizes; however, the most popular device is small, slim, and discreet like a USB.

Smoke Novo replacement pods are average replacement pods have a 2ml capacity which work well for regular vape sessions. Once the pod is empty, simply remove and swap the already full pod and continue to enjoy your vape.

Smok vape kits
Vape starter kits are much like Pods, they come with everything you need. However, you will have to purchase e-liquid separately. Most Kits will also come with an instruction manual that will be able to guide you on what kind of PG/VG ratio you will need for your specific SMOK Kit.

All SMOK Kits will contain a built-in rechargeable battery unit, a Tank or Pod and a charging cable. Although more advanced devices will not come with a built-in battery but a replaceable battery that you will have to purchase separately.

As mentioned, these SMOK Vape kits are empty on purchase and you will have to buy the e-liquid separately, however this gives you the opportunity to experiment with all different e-liquid flavours to find your preference or the freedom to change it when you get bored. 

Which one is best for me? Like Most things in life the device you choose whether it is a SMOK Kit or SMOK pod it is all down to personal preference.

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