The Difference Between Top-Fill and Bottom-Fill Vape Tanks

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The Differences Between Top Fill and Bottom Fill Vape Tanks

Top-fill vape tanks have gained significant popularity due to their convenient refilling process. As the name suggests, these tanks are designed with an easy-access top cap, allowing users to refill the e-liquid without dismantling the entire tank.

You can expose the filling ports by unscrewing the top cap and pouring your preferred vape juice into the tank reservoir. In addition, some top-fill tanks may have additional features like the side-to-fill or push-to-fill mechanism, which further simplifies the refilling process.

  • Aspire TanksAspire has established itself as a reputable brand in the vaping industry. The company has made its name for its innovative designs and high-quality tanks. Their top-fill tanks, such as the Aspire Clieto and Aspire Nautilus, offer excellent performance and user-friendly features.
  • Freemax TanksFreemax is renowned for its sub-ohm tanks. They are also preferred among vapers because of their exceptional flavour production. Freemax’s line of top-fill tanks, like the FreemaxFireluke series, provide a hassle-free experience and produce impressive vapour clouds.
  • Hellvape: has gained recognition for its aesthetically pleasing and highly functional vape tanks. Their top-fill options, like the Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2, combine ease of use with outstanding performance, making them a favourite among vapers.

The Most Prominent Bottom Fill Vape Tanks

While top-fill tanks offer convenience, bottom-fill vape tanks have their unique advantages. These tanks require the user to unscrew the tank base to access the filling ports.

Although this method may be slightly more involved, it offers a few notable benefits. First, bottom-fill tanks often have larger capacities, allowing longer vaping sessions without frequent refills. Additionally, they minimise the risk of leakage as the e-liquid has to travel upwards against gravity.

  • Innokin TanksInnokin is a reputable brand known for its high-quality tanks catering to beginners and experienced vapers. Their bottom fill tanks, such as the Innokin Zenith and Innokin Ares, are well-regarded for their superior flavour production and leak-proof design.
  • Smok TanksSmok is a well-known brand in the vaping industry, offering a diverse range of tanks suitable for different vaping styles. Some of their bottom-fill tanks, like the Smok TFV16 and Smok RPM series, deliver impressive performance, enhanced airflow, and ample e-liquid capacity.
  • Voopoo TanksVoopoo is another famous brand with cutting-edge vaping devices and exceptional tanks. Their bottom-fill options, such as the Voopoo PnP Pod Tank and Voopoo TPP Tank, offer excellent flavour, durability, and versatility.

When choosing a vape tank, the filling mechanism is significant in convenience, e-liquid capacity, and leakage prevention. Shop online at Vapes Direct to get the best deals on top-quality tank brands – both top-fill and bottom-fill so you get the most out of your vaping sessions.

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