Vampire Vape - Why People Love Them?

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Vampire Vape - Why People Love Them?

When it comes to the best tasting vape juice,
Vampire Vape vapour juice can’t be beat. Crafted in the UK, their bottles of e-liquid are absolutely bursting with flavour. In addition to robust fruity e-liquids and refreshing menthol e-liquids, they create several signature flavours that set them apart from other vape juice brands.

Every bottle is made within their dedicated state-of-the-art cleanroom facility. Their talented mixologists use only the best when it comes to ingredients. All of their nicotine, PG & VG are top of the line pharmaceutical grade and all flavourings are food-grade quality. One taste of Vampire Vape vapour and you will be able to taste the quality.  

Vampire Vape is good for each and every type of vapour you are after. High in PG, they come in varied nicotine levels and are crafted so well they won’t gum up your tank like other e-liquids. Whether you want a strong throat hit or want intense flavour to come out of your vape starter kit, Vampire Vape has a vapour juice for you.

Vampire Vape Flavours 
Because all of their vape juice flavours are so delicious, it’s hard to pick the best Vampire Vape flavour. Arguably their best known flavours are Heisenberg and Pinkman. Based on the anti-heroes of Breaking Bad, these two vapour juices just keep racking up the awards. Heisenberg is a cool crystal and fruity flavour explosion that goes perfectly with Pinkman’s refreshing burst of sweet fruits.

Other Vampire Vape Flavours include:

If you’re ready to try the best vape juice flavours on the market, head over to Vape Direct’s online vape shop. There you can buy Vampire Vape juice and everything else vape related online in the UK. 

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