The Best Vampire Vape Flavours that You Should Try

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The Best Vampire Vape Flavours that You Should Try

Vampire Vapes is a UK based, 5-star, best-selling e-liquid and e-cigarette brand that continues to be one of our best sellers.  Starting with their original 12 flavors in 2012, they have now expanded to nearly 40 different delicious options to choose from.  Vampire Vapes just don’t get it wrong.  Have you given them all a try?   

Every bottle of Vampire Vapes vapor juice is rigorously tested to the highest of standards in state-of-the-art facilities located in Lancashire. Their innovative mixologists consistently create some of the best tasting, highly quality flavors on the market.  Their 10ml bottles of vapor juice are consistently the most popular on the market and given the awards their-liquids keep earning, it’s not hard to understand why.

Some of the most popular Vampire Vape juice flavors are:

Vampire Vape E-liquid 10ml Heisenberg
They are perhaps best known for their award-winning e-liquid that was inspired by the popular TV show Breaking Bad. Vampire Vape 10ml Heisenberg is a top-secret mix of sweet and delicious red berries with a hint of menthol ice crystals that will leave your throat tingling in pleasure with every hit. It is the perfect balance of sweet fruitiness and cool refreshing menthol.

Vampire Vape E-liquid 10ml Pinkman
We all know that every Heisenberg needs its Pinkman and Vampire Vape’s Pinkman e-liquid is more than up to the task. Refreshing and vibrant, it is made up of a blend of fresh and juicy wild fruits that will always delight your taste buds. It is perfect for those who love to vape intense, fruity flavours all day long.

Vampire Vape E-liquid 10ml Tropical Island

If you fancy a trip to the tropics, then be sure to try Vampire Vape’s E-liquid 10ml Tropical Island e-liquid. It is absolutely bursting with flavor due to its exotic blend of pineapple and mango. This e-liquid will whisk you away to an island paradise holiday each and every time you vape.

Even with Vampire Vapes fantastic reputation, reviews and consistency in producing the highest quality vape juice out there, the range remains reasonably priced so these amazing-liquid flavours won’t break the bank. To try their award-winning e-liquid flavours like Vampire Vape E-liquid 10ml Heisenberg, Vampire Vape E-liquid 10ml Pinkman, and Vampire Vape E-liquid 10ml Tropical Island, visit Vapes Direct. Vapes Direct has a wide range of Vampire Vape 10ml bottles of vape juice available to purchase online in the UK.

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