What are disposables and are the advantages of using them?

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disposable vape pen

The upward trend of disposable vaping shows no signs of stopping anytime soon and it’s for good reason. Disposable vapes offer an unparalleled vaping experience with their design, quality, and convenience.

Even people who consider themselves vaping aficionados will admit that disposable vapes come with a ton of advantages. Even if they aren’t your main kind of vaporiser, having a few on hand will greatly enhance your vaping experience.

Benefits of Disposable Vapes

Arguably the biggest benefit of a disposable vape is how easy they are to use. No prior knowledge of vaping is required. If you’ve wanted to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping but felt daunted by the associated tech and terminology, disposable vapes are a perfect introduction.

All you have to do is open the box and inhale! Similar to a cigarette, disposable vapes are draw activated so there are no screens or buttons. They also come preloaded with e-liquid and have pre-charged batteries.

Disposable vapes provide even more advantages to people who want to vape on the go. They are compact and easily fitinto pockets and handbags. Each brand makes their own style of disposable vape pens, but most tend to come in stylish and colourful designs that will be as delightful to look at as they are to use.

People who prefer using advanced box mods or more traditional vapes will find that disposable vapes are still very useful. They’re a great backup for when you need to charge your main vape or when you need to go out and don’t want to lug a larger vape around.

Disposable Vapes from Vapes Direct

One of the most popular disposable vape brands is Elf Bar. Their disposable puff bars produce deep and rich tasting clouds that will have you wondering why you hadn’t started using them sooner.

Vapes Direct is a leading stockist of Elf Bar, selling flavours like:

To stock up on delicious and affordable disposable vapes, you can explore our website for more options. In addition to selling Elf Bar, we have other popular brands like Lost Mary, Geek Bar, Nasty Fix, and VuseEpods.

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