What flavour is pinkman vape juice?

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What flavour is pinkman vape juice

Originally released as a limited-edition for VapeFest 2014, Pinkman E-liquid is now one of Vampire Vapes bestselling vape juice. It has won several awards since its debut and is one of the brand’s most popular e-liquids.

Pinkman was first released as a 10ml 50:50 e-liquid but can now be found in a 60:40 concentration as well as a nic salt and a high VG 50ml short fill. On the back of its success, Vampire Vape also released a minty fresh version of Pinkman called Pinkman Ice.

What Does Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml Pinkman Taste Like?

Pinkman is a deliciously sweet e-liquid jam packed with fruity goodness. It’s a bold and strongly flavoured e-liquid that is made of natural wild fruits and berries, giving you the taste of a fresh fruit cocktail each time you inhale.

Pinkman Ice takes this juicy, fruity e-liquid a step up with a bit of ice. After a strong fruit punch on the inhale, you’ll get refreshing and crisp menthol on the exhale.

Of course, if you’re going to vaping with Pinkman or Pinkman Ice, you’ve got to get Heisenberg into the mix. Heisenberg is the other half to Pinkman, boasting a mix of red berries topped with a crystal menthol breeze. Like Pinkman Ice, the balance of ice to fruit makes for an ideal all day vape.

Best Vape Flavours

In addition to Pinkman Ice, Pinkman, and Heisenberg, you can find several Pinkman inspired e-liquids at Vapes Direct. We only sell e-liquids that pass our own taste test which ensures you’re always getting vape juices that are high quality and bursting with flavour.

Here are a few of our other bestselling vape flavours:

For those that prefer the ease of a disposable vape, at Vapes Direct you can also find Pinkman in a disposable.

If you’re ready to buy the best vape flavours in the UK, continue exploring our website to buy award winning e-liquids like Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml Pinkman Ice and Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml Heisenberg.

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