What Vape Flavours Can Help You Cool Down This Summer

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What Vape Flavours Can help You Cool Down this Summer

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With the summer coming and temperatures rising, we are finding that Menthol Eliquid flavours become the biggest sellers over this period. We find most Menthol eliquids and Nic Salts, whether they are in Disposable vape kits or you purchase 10ml Eliquid bottle,  they sure do help combat the heat.

When picking your menthol Vape you can find some have just a menthol overtone throughout the vape and others use Ice Flavours to give a Menthol Boost, in other occasion many Eliquid brands tend to use Eucalyptus and Aniseed also to bring a sweet cooling vape.

Simple soft Menthol Eliquids such as the below listed are great entry Menthol Flavours.

  • Edge Very Menthol - boasting a strong minty taste that will fill your throat with a refreshing, cool, tingly sensation.
  • Billionaire Vapes Menthol - Billionaire Vapes Menthol Eliquid is a sharp menthol flavour with a kick.
  • IVG Menthol - Ice Menthol salt nicotine e-liquid by IVG is a menthol blend known for its prominent frosty flavour.
  • Nasty Juice Eliquids Range - Each flavour that is a part of our Original 9 contains Low Mint
  • Zeus Juice Menthol Tobacco - Menthol Tobacco by Zeus Juice harnesses a smooth tobacco base with a fresh menthol breeze.

The Next Step into More ICY Cold Menthol Eliquids are:

  • Zeus Juice Black Reloaded - Black Reloaded Shortfill by Zeus Juice tastes like, well it is inspired from 'The Black' now with even more menthol and aniseed flavourings topped off with sweet berries.
  • Zeus Juice Dimp Reloaded - Dimp Reloaded shortfill by Zeus Juice is the famous Dimpleberry reloaded with even more menthol and eucalyptus! When combined with a mixture of ripe berries this liquid is perfect for those who love a sweet icy vape!
  • Yeti Eliquids - YETI Eliquids have an irresistibly fruity e-liquid range with a menthol twist that packs a frosty punch.
  • Drizzy Fruits Black Ice - Black Ice eliquid Shortfill by Drizzy Fruits takes on a classic flavour combo with rich, deep blackcurrants and an icy menthol undertone
  • IVG Frozen Cherries - Frozen Cherries 50ml shortfill by IVG contains a frosty combination of sweet and sour cherries. A Fruity flavour on the inhale and an icy exhale.
  • IVG Tropical Ice Blast - Tropical Ice Blast shortfill e-liquid by IVG Juicy is a tropical fruit blend which plays between sweet and sour notes. A tangy kiwi, juicy watermelon and crisp apple is topped off with a cooling ice kick for a complex e-liquid.


When looking at disposable air bars or vape bars, the flavours that contain a menthol ice Kick , will have Ice in there names in most cases such as

Geek Bar Banana Ice -  ripe notes of creamy bananas that will make tastebuds go “bananas” paired with a cooling ice.

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