When to replace a vape tank?

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When to replace a vape tank

Vapers know that from time to time they need to replace certain parts of their device to keep their vapour tasting crisp and fresh. Vape coils are probably the most frequently replaced component, but from time to time you may need to replace other parts like batteries, mouthpieces, or vape tanks. But do you need to replace your vape tank, too?

When Do Vape Tanks Need to Be Replaced?

Most vape tanks will never need to be replaced unless they’ve suffered damage or become obsolete. Maybe your tank has cracked, or you’ve been using it for so long that you can no longer get compatible coils.

You should never use a tank that has cracked, especially a glass one, as this can be dangerous (not to mention messy!) If it’s just the glass or plastic part that’s broken, you may be able to replace just that part and won’t need to buy a whole new tank.

Obviously, if you feel like you need an upgrade or want to try something new, you can go right ahead and get a new tank!

Vape Tank Maintenance

You need to take care of your vape tank to ensure you get the most out of it. This will also preserve its quality, improve its functionality, and reduce chances of damage. People who vape on a regular basis should clean their tank about once a week or whenever they start using a different flavour vape juice. E-liquid can leave residue and gunk behind which can impact your vapour’s flavour.

Replacing Vape Pods

If you use pod mod, or a vape with a refillable pod tank, you will need to replace the tank on a regular basis. Pod mod tanks are different to other types of vape tanks and will start to degrade after a certain period of use. How often this needs to be done will depend on how much you vape. Heavy users will need to replace their pods at least once a week while more casual vapers can go 2 weeks or more before they need a fresh pod.

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