Which is better, vapes or smoking?

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vapes or smoking
Vaping is definitely less harmful to your health than smoking but it is still not an entirely safe process and should be a one step forward on the journey to quitting completely.  Most of the reported problems with vaping come with the use of illicit or black market products and modifications made to vaping devices.  Always avoid buying cheap vape kits and vape juice and follow the user instructions provided with your productWe are a legitimate supplier of vape products and vape liquid Try some of our bestsellers, LIQUA Coffee, LIQUA Blackcurrant and LIQUA Caramel.

Some people are resistant to vaping and prefer to try and quit smoking without taking this intermediate step.  For other people who may be occasional or non-smokers, vaping is seen as a pleasant socio activity to relax.  Vaping is a better alternative to smoking cigarette but it still needs to be carried out responsibly.  Finding the right choice of vape liquid, vape juice and device is crucial to stay safe and also not to be put off by an experience that doesn’t deliver and ends up with a return to smoking.  If you are thinking of trying out vaping then here are three of our top products ideal for beginners to introduce to you:-

  • LIQUA Coffee – a blend of roasted Italian coffee beans with just a hint of sweet caramel
  • LIQUA Blackcurrant – sharp and tangy with a sweet top note and a slightly sour undertaste, this is one zesty and fruity vape in a bottle
  • LIQUA Caramel – just the sweet taste of chewy caramel, no messing, ideal to satisfy cravings

If these are not to your specific taste, then there are plenty of other flavours in the Liqua range to try out.

For the best selection of vape juice and vape liquid, take a look at our extensive range of products and vape kits and devices, designed to offer you the maximum enjoyment on your road to quitting nicotine whilst keeping you safe at all times.  Learn more on our website www.vapesdirect.co.uk

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