Why Edge E-liquid is So Popular?

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Why Edge E-liquid is So Popular
There are a lot of cheap vape juice and E-liquids brands to choose from and sometimes it isn’t always clear where they are manufactured. That is one of the reasons why
Edge E-Liquid is one of the most trusted and popular brands of E-liquid on the market. Edge E-liquid makes all of their vape juice right here in the UK inside pharmaceutical grade laboratories that are held to the highest standards. Rigorous testing goes into each flavour, ensuring that every bottle is not only safe but tasty too.

You would think the standards of Edge E-liquids would make it one of the highest priced options, but that is another area where this company stands out. They are committed to selling premium E-liquids
that are also affordable.

There is a cheap Edge E-Liquid flavour available to suit every taste. Edge ensures that each bottle is as good as the last so you will never get any unwelcome surprises coming from your vape.

To guarantee that all their products are consistent, Edge offers a smaller range of E-liquids than some of the other brands because they believe in quality over quantity. Edge E-liquids come with nicotine already added to their delicious flavours which come in 10ml bottles. Each 10ml E-liquid has a 50/50 PG to VG ratio and comes in 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Some of their most popular vape liquid flavours are:

Also available are the Edge shortfills which have 50ml of vape juice and 0% nicotine added. To add nicotine to your shortfills, use one of Edge’s premium nicotine shots or “nic shots.” Edge E-Liquid Nic Shots have an 80% VG concentration and come in 18mg nicotine strength. Simply add the nic shot to your shortfill and you will have 60ml of a 3mg strength E-liquid.

There is a reason Edge is so popular among vapers. Reviews often mention that the quality, taste, and affordability of Edge E-liquids are what makes it superior to other brands. With Edge you will know that your E-liquid is not only made to the highest of standards, but that it will always be full of vibrant flavours. To buy premium and cheap Edge E-liquid and Edge Nic Shots online in the UK, visit Vapes Direct, the best place for all your vaping needs.

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