Zeus Juice E-Liquids

If you are a next level Vaping master, Zeus Juice flavours are the right product for you that suffice your vaping level. The ever-popular Zeus Juice e-liquid online is available in a 80/20 VG PG ratio. A highly popular amongst our customers, with over 20 classy and unique flavours to choose from, there is something best and unique available for just about everyone. All Zeus Juice flavours are supplied in a 10ml PET, 50ml or 100ml HDPE bottles. Zeus E-Juice provides consumers with the highest quality, most flavorful e-liquids online at reasonable prices. Make your vaping experiences super special with Zeus juice flavours!

Zeus Group - Where it started.....

Back in early 2013, Paul Curtis started mixing his own flavours and passed them out to friends to try, the word quickly got out about the flavours he'd created - primarily being "Black Astaire".

Due to how fast and unexpected the popularity grew, Paul decided to take a loan out through the government scheme NEA for small business and he purchased large amounts of ingredients and equipment.

For the next 2 years, Zeus Juice massively outgrew Paul's original expectations and was very quickly becoming one of the most popular E-Liquid lines in the UK.


In early 2015 we moved into our new facility and built our very own ISO Class 7 Clean Room fully equipping it with the best hardware ensuring maximum efficiency. Now after just a year of it being open we have 11 full time members of staff and are looking at opening our second facility later this year!

Although we don't go for the gimmicky marketing tactics, our main focus is on what's in each bottle, all of our ingredients are the best you can source - we use the highest grade of Nicotine (same nicotine as MHRA for nicotine patches),  Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine.

Personal Statement From Paul Curtis (MD)
I've been producing juice for just over 3 years now - I started up Zeus Juice because I've got a VERY sweet tooth and just couldn't find flavours that hit the spot without spending a fortune - so that's my aim, I want a line of juices that can be vaped everyday and don't break the bank!


Zeus Juice UK is fully TPD compliant. All our of products have been submitted, tested and passed the stringent checks of the Tobacco Products Directive. Zeus Juice UK is also ISO 9001 certified. Both are as part of our commitment to our customers, suppliers & employees of the company.


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