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The XTAR VC2 Battery charger is a high performance charger at a very affordable price. This device can also be used as a tester for your batteries, identifying how much their real capacity is. You will require a USB Charger lead. 

With a unique LCD display showing how much juice your batteries have it intelligently identifies the input power adjusting a suitable charge current (0.15-0.5A). Compatible with any USB and wall adapters, used for IMR lithium and small capacity batteries.

Specializing in high quality Li-ion batteries and smart chargers, XTAR are experts in the field. With an experienced R&D team and a self-contained factory, they can answer any task in front of them, producing high quality durable products.

If you are looking for a high performance affordable charger than the VC 2 is the right product for you. Being affordable does not mean it lacks quality or innovation, being a premium charger, and the first charger that can show you the real power of your batteries.



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