Can bad coil damage vape battery?

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can bad coil damage vape battery

The condition of your vape battery can impact the quality and taste of your vapour as well as your device’s overall performance. Like any other electronic device, you need to take care of the batteries and other components to keep your vape safe and in good working order.

What Can Damage a Vape Battery?

Most vape battery damage is caused by exposure to harmful elements like water, extreme temperatures, or debris. One of the easiest ways to protect your batteries is to keep them in a dedicated rubber or plastic battery case when they aren’t in use. They should never be carried or stored loose.

A few years ago there were several news stories about battery malfunctions in vapes causing fires and bodily harm. Almost all of these incidents can be traced back to using black-market devices and/or ignoring basic battery safety. The vape industry is highly regulated in the UK so to ensure you’re only buying genuine products, always buy your gear from reputable UK-based sellers.

All vape batteries sold by Vapes Direct adhere to the highest safety and quality standards. You can rest assured that when you buy batteries like the Sony VTC6 18650 3000mah Battery or Aspire 18650 Battery 2600 mAh from Vapes Direct, you’re getting top of the line batteries.

Can a Bad Coil Damage a Vape Battery?

A burnt out coil is one of the worst things a vaper can experience because of the foul tasting vapour it produces. While a burnt coil is unlikely to directly damage your vape battery, it can impact the overall performance of your vape. This is why you should always clean or replace a burnt coil as soon as possible.

Basic Battery Care Tips

  • Always check your batteries for visible damage and replace them if you notice rust or wraps that are no longer intact.
  • Insert batteries in the correct direction within your vape and battery charger.
  • Avoid overcharging your e-cig battery
  • Never leave a vape battery unattended when charging it

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