Five Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Vape Battery

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Five Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Vape Battery

Vaping has become a trendy alternative to traditional smoking, with many people switching to e-cigarettes for various reasons. One crucial component of any vaping device is the vape battery.

However, vape batteries are often neglected despite their importance, leading to a shorter lifespan and subpar performance. As a vaping enthusiast, you must understand that certain actions harm your battery.

1. Overcharging and Over-discharging.

One of the most significant mistakes vapes often make is overcharging or over-discharging their batteries. Overcharging occurs when the battery is left on the charger for an extended period, even after it has reached full capacity.

Leaving the battery on the charger can lead to overheating, reduced battery life, and in extreme cases, even battery failure. On the other hand, over-discharging happens when you continue using the battery until it is completely drained. It puts unnecessary strain on the battery and significantly reduces its lifespan.

2. Using Incompatible Batteries.

Using the wrong type of battery for your vaping device can have disastrous consequences. Different e-cigarettes and mods require specific battery models and sizes.

For example, the Molicell P42A 21700 Battery 4200mAh is suitable for devices designed for 21700 batteries, the Aspire 18650 Battery 2600mAh, Sinowatt 25SP 18560 Battery, Mollicel M35A 18650 Battery, or Mollicell P28A 18650 Battery are suitable for devices requiring 18650 batteries.

3. Mishanding and Improper Storage.

Proper handling and storage are essential to maintain the health and longevity of your vape batteries. Mishandling, dropping, or exposing them to extreme temperatures can cause internal damage and compromise performance.

Similarly, storing batteries in direct sunlight or loosely in pockets or bags can lead to accidents and damage. To avoid these issues, carefully handle your vape batteries, keeping them protected in a battery case when not in use.

4. Ignoring Battery Safety.

Ignoring battery safety guidelines can be dangerous, both for your vape battery and yourself. Avoid using damaged batteries or those with torn wraps, as this exposes the battery to potential short circuits.

Always check the battery wraps for tears or dents and replace them if damaged. Additionally, ensure that the battery contacts in your device are clean and free from debris so it does not interfere with proper connection and affects performance.

5. Neglecting Battery Maintenance.

Like any electronic device, vape batteries require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Ignoring proper maintenance leads to decreased battery life and a poor vaping experience.

It is suggested to clean the battery contacts and the connections between the battery and the device periodically using a soft cloth or cotton swab.

Your vape battery plays a vital role in your vaping experience. Avoiding these common mistakes extends its lifespan and improves its performance. You can ensure your vape batteries stay in good condition by following the simple care and maintenance steps.

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