Geek Bar Disposables Vs Vampire Vape: Which One Has Better Flavour?

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Geek Bar Disposables Vs Vampire Vape: Which One Has Better Flavour?

No matter what type of vape juice flavour you’re in the mood for, Vampire Vape and Geek Bar have a vape juice just for you. Both brands produce premium e-liquids that will keep your taste buds happy each and every time you inhale.

Geek Bar Disposable Vapes
Geek Bar was founded in 2015 and it didn’t take long for their disposable vapes to become a staple in the vaping world. Each bar provides a satisfying and simple vaping experience, especially for people who vape on the go or for those who like their vaping to be hassle free. There’s no charging or refilling and you won’t need to replace any parts. Simply get a new Geek Bar when your current one runs out of e-liquid.

Each delicious Geek Bar has around 575 puffs in it, making it equal to what you’d get from a pack of cigarettes. Except that a Geek Bar often costs half as much!

Some of the incredible flavours Geek Bars offers are:

Vampire Vape Eliquid
Vampire Vapes is a UK based, award winning e-cigarette and e-liquid brand. A consistent high seller with countless 5 star reviews, Vampire Vape creates some of the most unique and best tasting vapour juice out there. This is thanks to their taleneted team of mixologists who are always ensuring every bottle that leaves their start of the art facility is only of the highest taste and standard.

You would think that a brand who makes such exceptional e-liquids would be one of the most expensive, but you’d be wrong. Vampire Vape’s e-liquids are premium in taste, but not in price. Yummy, affordable, and high quality, you can’t go wrong with any of Vampire Vape’s eliquids.  

They offer over 50 high quality and moreish flavours, including:

Get the best vape juice favours in the UK from Vapes Direct. We are an online vape shop selling vape juice, disposable grape flavour e-liquids, cheap disposable vapes, and so much more. 

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