The Best Vape Juice to Buy During the Lockdown

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best vape juice
As a new vape devotee, you might be interested to find out the best or most popular vape juice online or perhaps you are an experienced vaper and feel you should branch out and try some different tastes?  If you are looking to buy vape juice online with really good flavour then check out the full range that Vapes Direct offer with a comprehensive selection of tried and trusted flavours from all the top brands.

Finding the best vape juice flavour is like working out the most favourite tastes in tea – there are a huge variety of options and everyone likes something different.  The main split is between sweet and sour flavours and this can just be a matter of mood on the day.  Here are some of the trending vape juices during the last few weeks of lockdown:-

  • Praline, ice-cream and vanilla custard – rich and decadent, this is a classic all day vape choice
  • Blueberries and cheesecake – this is not overly sweet and has quite a light flavour with just a hint of fruit pie and crust for those who like their sweet tones but don’t want something too rich
  • Pineapple, orange and guava – definitely one in the sweet category but also quite tart so a nice balance between the sweet verging and slightly sour
  • Raspberry, lime and orange – think the flavour of rainbow sherbet with some high notes of sour citrus
  • Chocolate, caramel and butterscotch – who can resist this medley of sweet shop favourites, rich and luxurious or if you fancy a bit of bite, use one with a salted caramel mix

Most vape juice available online has a sweet flavour as manufacturers have yet to master the art of creating something savoury.  If sugar sweet is too much for your palate then opt for more citrus and sour flavours to offset those candy tones or pick one with a salt top note to counteract the sugary taste.  For the best flavour juices in the UK, pick Vapes Direct, online vape juice from the leading brands directly to your door.

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