What are the precautions that should be taken when using e liquid?

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What are the precautions that should be taken when using e liquidVape users should take care to be responsible in how they vape and use their products. Part of this responsibility is safely handling their e-liquids so that they don’t harm other people, animals, or the environment.

Here are a few precautions all vapers should take with their e-liquid:

  • Keep out of reach of pets and children:

This might be the most important precaution you need to be aware of. The ingredients in e-liquid are relatively harmless but are toxic to pets and kids. Be sure to store all your e-liquids somewhere out of reach of furry paws and little hands!

  • Store e-liquid in a dark, cool place with the cap on:

E cigarette liquid that’s stored correctly keeps its flavour and quality for much longer. You should alsostore it away from any heat sources like radiators, space heaters, or open flames because e-liquid can be combustible.

  • Be mindful of any expiration dates:

E-cig liquid doesn’t technically go off and you should be able to use your vape juice safely beyond its shelf life as long as it was stored correctly. It’s mostly the taste that will be affected as the quality will deteriorate over time.

  • Take care when refilling your tank:

If any e-liquid leaks out, immediately wipe your hands or any surface that comes in contact with vape liquid as soon as possible. This will prevent any stains as well as limit how much extra nicotine you or anyone else absorbs through the skin.

  • Don’t pour juice down the drain:

If you need to throw out e-liquid, don’t pour it down the drain or put it in the bin. Doing so risks e-cig liquid to leak into the water supply or somewhere else where it can be toxic. Dispose of unwanted e-liquid by placing it into a sealable plastic bag with something absorbent inside like kitty litter.

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