A Sweet Delight: Exploring the Flavourful World of Candy King Shortfill E-liquids

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A Sweet Delight Exploring the Flavourful World of Candy King Shortfill E-liquids

Candy King is an American vape liquid company who has dedicated themselves to punchy, intense flavours. Inspired by all our favourite candies and sweets, Candy King’s e-juices are a delicious trip down memory lane. From sour worms to Swedish fish, to lemon drops, Candy King has an e-liquid you’re such to love.

Their shortfills in particular are highly popular and not just because of their incredible taste. They’re large in size and give you incredible value for your money. Each 120ml bottle has 100ml of highly flavoured e-liquids, with 20ml left over for you to add in your nic shots.

Candy King Shortfills are perfect for sub-ohm vaping and have a 70% VG/ 30% PG ratio. Their standards are some of the highest in the industry so you can rest assured that only the best quality food-grade ingredients are used.

Best Vape Flavours from Candy King

You can find the unique flavours of Candy King e cig liquid online from Vapes Direct. Feel like you’re having sweets all day long with one of these sugar blast e-liquids:

  • Candy King Eliquid 100ml Gush: Gush vape liquid is a mixed fruit blend of flavours that will tickle your tastebuds. Five unique fruits make up this flavour, giving you sweet, tart, tangy, and citrus all in one puff. You’ll detect notes of green apples, zesty oranges, sweet strawberries, tart raspberries, and ripe blueberries.
  • Candy King 100ml Shortfill – Jaws: Get the taste of your favourite shark jelly sweets with Jaws e-liquid. Sugary candied blueberries are blended with smooth and creamy vanilla for a truly sweet taste.
  • Candy King 100ml Shortfill - Sour Straws: Sour Straws vape juice is a tangy combination of berries that’s a true delight. On the inhale, you’ll get crisp and ripe blue raspberries. On the exhale, you’ll taste tangy and sour candy straws.

Vape Liquid in the UK from Vapes Direct

Vapes Direct is the UK’s favourite online vape shop, selling only the best vape flavours at low prices. We have all your favourite brands in stock at prices that can’t be beat. Start shopping today to buy delicious e cig liquid like Candy King Shortfills.

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