Five different Edge e-liquid flavours perfect for the spring season

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Five different Edge e-liquid flavours

EDGE E-liquid is one of the UK’s favourite e-liquid brands. Their commitment to providing their customers with top quality products at low prices sets them apart from many other brands. They believe that using premium ingredients doesn’t have to come at a premium price.

This belief is backed by their dedication to helping the UK go smoke free. Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death, but it’s also one of the hardest to prevent. Cigarettes are extremely addictive which is why so many people keep reaching for one even though they may not want to. 

EDGE employs innovative and highly skilled staff to stay at the forefront of vaping innovation. These innovations allow them to create products that are more likely to help people successfully make the switch to vaping.

EDGE E-liquid Flavours

Every bottle that EDGE produces is made in their state-of-the-art facilities that use proprietary technology you won’t find anywhere else. Only pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients are used in this highly refined process.

Their e-liquid blends go through rigorous testing and development, including feedback from the opinions that matter the most- their customers!

EDGE offers all of this and more while continuing to be among the UK's most affordable e-liquid producers. Their e-liquids have been so popular that you can now find them in online vape shops like Vapes Direct as well as on the shelves of well-known high street merchants.

Starting at just £1.50, you can find several EDGE E-liquid flavours at Vapes Direct that are perfect for spring, including:

  • EDGE E-liquid Blackcurrant: A subtly sweet e-liquid that embodies the rich taste of blackcurrants.

  • EDGE Base Fruits E-liquid Shortfill Strawberry Watermelon: The sweet flavour of ripened strawberries followed by the crunchy, juicy taste of watermelon.
Whatever you’re in the mood for, EDGE vape liquid has a bottle waiting for you. Click here to see the full range of mouthwatering and reasonably priced e-liquids on offer.

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