How to Safely Dispose of Disposable Vapes at Home?

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Cheap Disposable vapesDisposable Vapes become a real threat when they pile up in your bags, bedrooms, drawers and just about everywhere else. Unfortunately, proper disposal of this ecologic waste often becomes an issue, particularly when you do not know how to rid of them properly.

Vape juices and e-cigs are never to be thrown in a regular waste bin. Neither should the contents be flushed down the drains nor laid around anywhere young children can find them.

The real question with disposable vapes and vape pens is understanding the legal requirements. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) regulates and implements the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations of 2016.

Practising Safe Disposals for Vape Pens and Disposable Vape Kits

When thrown irresponsibly, vapes and e-juices can become a potential human and environmental hazard. However, there are specific ways to get rid of these wastes without causing affecting the environment.

  • Check with your local community council for rules on the proper disposal of e-cigarettes and vape juices.
  • Remove the batteries before disposing of or recycling the device
  • Store, seal, and deliver the hazardous components to your local waste facilities.
  • Handle discarded cartridges properly to avoid nicotine containment or exposure.
  • Do not spend cartridges under running water to prevent leakage of nicotine residue.

The nicotine salt content of vapes is considered acute hazardous waste requiring proper disposal. Never throw your old vaping equipment and its components in sewers and trash bins or pour the unused contents into the sink.  

Send Your Old and Unused Vapes to a Recycling Center

One good way to get rid of Cheap Disposable vapes is to send them to a recycling centre near you. In addition, some non-profit organizations all over the UK are willing to take old electrical, including broken or unused e-cigarettes.

It is essential to understand that vapes contain several components that can still be used for other things. For example, vape kits also include a necessary material for manufacturing electric cars.

Local recycling centres can disassemble old vape kits without posing a threat to human health or damaging the environment. Each component can be allotted for specific disposal procedures or reused to create another usable product.

You can also sell your old vape kits to recognized commercial disposal centres. They can eliminate the components and prevent waste from becoming an environmental danger. In addition, disposable Vape for sale can help you earn extra on your next vaping kit purchase.

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