How to Store Your E-Liquids Properly: Tips and Tricks

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How to Store Your E-Liquids Properly: Tips and Tricks

With so many different brands and flavours to choose from, it’s easy to end up with an impressive collection of e-liquid bottles. Like any other type of prized collection, you need to put some care into how you store your vape liquids so that your clouds are always fresh and delicious.

The ingredients used in high-quality e-liquids are designed to have a long and stable shelf life as long as they’re stored properly. Improper storage can accelerate their loss of quality and leave you with sour, unpleasant vape juice. We know bad tasting clouds are the last thing you want so we’ve created this guide to help you keep your e-liquids crisp.

How to Store E-liquids?

Keep Away from Heat: Be sure to keep your juices away from the radiator! Exposure to heat can break down and alter the ingredients used in e-liquids so store your bottles away from any type of heat source. The same goes for cold temperatures. Some people are tempted to keep vape liquid in the fridge, but we recommend keeping your bottles at room temperature.

Store them always in the Dark: Light can also create unwanted changes within your e-liquid bottles. In addition to storing them somewhere cool, be sure that the spot you pick isn’t in direct sunlight. A cupboard or closet is an ideal place to keep your vape juices.

Limit Air Exposure: Oxidation from air exposure impacts the taste, quality, and colour of e-liquids.  Your e-liquids are unavoidably exposed to air each time you open them so ensure the cap is always put back on tightly. Also squeeze out any excess air after you’re done topping up your tank and ensure the cap is on tightly before putting the bottle away. 

The Best E-liquid in the UK

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