The Benefits of Adjustable Airflow in the Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit

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The Benefits of Adjustable Airflow in the Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit

The Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit is a device that brings the ease of disposables with the function of a pod vape. It’s also perfect for people who have busy lives and need to vape on the go. The Gotek X Pod Kit is a compact, matchbox-style vape that has a long lasting battery life, a low wattage, and a fully adjustable airflow function. Experienced vapers know that an adjustable airflow is essential to getting the exact type of vapour you crave.

Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit Specs

Inside this device is a 650mAh battery that can go for long periods between charges. It can reach 10-13W to provide you with discrete clouds that won’t eat up your battery power. This reduces the need for worrying about charging while you’re out and about.

Adding to the convenience of this device is a lanyard that allows you to keep your Gotek close at hand without worry about losing it or having digging around in your handbag. If you’re someone who likes how easy prefilled pods and disposables are, the Gotek X is compatible with several delicious pre-filled pods. You can also use refillable pods with a mess-free side port. 

The Benefits of Adjustable Airflow

When you fire up your device, the coil heats up your e-liquid and turns it into vapour. The end temperature of the vapour will depend on how much air it comes into contact with before you inhale. The more air you allow to flow, the cooler the temperature your vapour will be. A more restricted airflow will raise the vapour’s temperature.

A cooler vape provides smoother cloud production and uses up less of your e-liquid and battery power. You’ll get bigger clouds and a less harsh throat hit. However, there’s more flavour loss with higher airflow because the vapour is exposed to more air.

A tighter vape will use more battery and e-liquid but will produce a warmer vapour that’s more intensely flavoured. You’ll get a stronger throat hit and less cloud production.

The Aspire Gotek X is a revolutionary pod kit that you can buy in several fun colours online at Vapes Direct. Upgrade today to this fashionable and impressive device by shopping on our website today. You’ll also find affordable Aspire pre-filled pods, coils, and everything else you need to keep your impressive vape in top working order.

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