The Best Vape Coils for Your E-Cigarette

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Best Vape Coils for Your E-CigaretteThe coil is a critical component of an e-cigarette because it is responsible for heating the e-juice and turning it into an inhalable vapour. The coil is the wire that goes around the wicking material and holds the atomiser head. It also connects to the battery’s positive part on the other end and the negative on the other.

Vape coils work by creating the needed heat to vaporise the e-liquid. The vape juice saturates the wick, and the heating process turns the liquid into vapour. Cloud forming happens when you inhale the vaporised fluid, and the smoke puffs into a cloud. The material usually used to make the coil is commonly conductive and heat-resistant stainless steel.

Top Popular Aspire Vape Coils

If you are new to the vaping world, you need to understand that the different Aspire Vape coils directly affect your device's performance. However, experienced vapers often make their vape coils which provide a personalised vaping experience.

However, you can kickstart your vaping habits by knowing the most common types of Aspire coils. Typically, these components come in various materials with properties and capacities that make them compatible with your Aspire vaping device.

The AVP Pro Coils are compatible with the AVP Pro series and feature Kanthal AF wires. The malleable material makes it easy to work with and has increased durability.

Nautilus Mini Coils – The Nautilus Mini is a single Kanthal coil with a vertical instalment to capture the intense flavour and vapour of your e-liquid. Nautilus Mini comes in a 1.6ohm and 1.8ohm, with the latter intended for nicotine and nicotine salts.

Aspire Tigon Coils - The Aspire Tigon Coils provide the flexibility you need because of their wicking properties, push fitting, and easy installation and removal.

Choosing the Right Vapour Coils

In most instances, choosing the suitable vapour coil is not a matter of preference but its compatibility with your device. There are also different things to consider before buying a replacement.

For one, you should know if your device has a power mode or temperature control feature. In addition, it would allow you to know which material is compatible and will not work to provide quality cloud.

Moreover, coil resistance is something you should also consider because it is determined by the gauge and diameter of the vape wire. Higher resistance coils are thinner and tend to have higher gauges.

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