The Best Vape Juice Flavors Help you to Quit Smoking

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The Best Vape Juice Flavors Help you to Quit Smoking

Even though we all know the negative impact smoking cigarettes can have on our health, many of us still continue to smoke. If you have tried to quit smoking previously and have had no success kicking the habit, you should look into switching to e-cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes have far fewer health impacts and come with a host of other benefits too. One of the best parts of switching to e-cigarettes is the wide variety of vape juice flavours you can try. You’re no longer restricted to just menthol or regular tobacco, rather, you can choose from fruity, minty, classic, savoury flavors and more. To get you started with vaping, here is a handy little guide with 4 of the most delicious e-liquids to try. 

Vampire Vape Tropical Island
Take a trip to the tropics with this exotic e-liquid from Vampire Vape. It is a blend of juicy mango and sweet and tangy pineapple that will take you away on a zesty island holiday every time you inhale. 

Edge E-liquid Very Menthol
For a strong, minty, and refreshing e-liquid, try Very Menthol by Edge E-liquid. Your throat will get a cool and tingly sensation whenever you vape this invigorating e-liquid.

Double Drip Nic Salts E-liquid Menthol Mist
Another minty e-liquid, Double Drip Nic Salts Menthol Mist has a bit of a sweeter taste with its addition of peppermint. Nic salts are ideal for those who have just quit smoking as they provide a stronger throat hit that is more like smoking traditional cigarettes.

Liqua Mix & Go American Blend
If you aren’t quite ready to try the more fruity or menthol flavors of e-liquid, Liqua Mix & Go American Blend gives you the best of both worlds. You will get that traditional tobacco taste without having to smoke a cigarette. The luscious blend of Virginia tobacco with a hint of honey will help you easily make the transition from cigarettes to e-liquid. 

If you are ready to try some of the best vape juices available, you can purchase your own bottles of  these delicious e-liquids and more at Vapes Direct. They sell only the best e-cigarette liquid and vape gear online in the UK.

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