Top 3 Vape Kits You Should Try

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Top 3 Vape Kits You Should Try
At Vapes Direct we stock a wide variety of vape kits. Brows our online store to find the best vape kits and shop our clearance sale for great deals. Here, we’ve made a list of our top 3 Aspire kits and listed all the feature and benefits so that you can choose the right kit for your vaping needs.

  1. Aspire K3 Kit
    Like most of our vape kits, the K3 aspire kit is a simple and easy to use – making it the perfect go to for new vapers. This kit provides use with a large 2ml tank and a powerful 1200mAh battery that are both compatible with a wide range of other tanks and batteries. The kit comes with a pre-installed 1.8omh coil with organic wick and with the simplistic design there’s no fiddling around with confusing features. Just add your chosen E-liquid and you’re ready to vape.

  2. Aspire SLX Starter Kit
    The aspire SLX start kit is for vapers of all experience, this vape has a discreet compact design and 450mah battery, making perfect for people on the go. Battery life is indicated through LED lights, so you know exactly when your device needs charging. It come with a disposable 2ml that come prefilled with e-liquid flavour of your choosing. The 1.3omh ceramic coil reduce the risk of spit backs and dry vaping. Aspire use only the best organic cotton wick that gives out clear delicious flavour with every hit.
  1. Aspire Tigon Full Kit
    The Aspire Tigon has a pen style design and suitable for both new and experienced vapers. It has a 2ml tank and features an airflow system that lets you choose between mouth-to-lung or direct inhale. This device comes with a rechargeable 1800mah battery and a LED light feature to indicate when the battery needs to be charge. This device can be used with a variety of different E-liquids and a 2 coil option.

    For a variety of vape kit options including the Aspire K3 Kit, Aspire SLX Starter Kit and Aspire Tigon Full Kit choose Vapes Direct and order the accessories you need online.

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