Why E-Cigarettes are Definitely Safer than Smoking?

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Why E-Cigarettes are Definitely Safer than Smoking?
If you are struggling to quit smoking, you may be wondering if e-cigarettes are a safe quitting aid. Studies conducted by Cancer Research UK show that just one month after switching to e-cigs, smokers have noticeably improved vascular function. After six months, smokers had significantly lower levels of cancer-causing toxins in their system. For maximum benefit, smokers have to go cigarette free and only use vapes. 

While vaping is not necessarily “healthy,” most studies show that vaping poses significantly fewer health risks than smoking due to decreased harmful chemicals. Genuine e-liquid that are manufactured according to safety standards don’t contain the same dangerous substances.

Whilst there have been cases of vaping side effects, most are due to counterfeit e-liquids or liquid containing THC. That is why THC, black market e-liquids, and counterfeit vaping gear is dangerous. Modifying or adding substances to vaping devices and liquids is also discouraged.

For safety, always buy e-liquid from a reputable source such as Nasty Juice, who consistently wins awards for its delicious flavours. Nasty Juice e-liquids are regularly tested by independent assessors before release so you know they’re not only delicious, but safe, too.

Some of their most popular vape juices are their grape e-flavour e-liquids:

  • Nasty Juice ASAP Grape Shortfill: A 50ml bottle of nicotine free e-liquid with 10ml of space to add in nic shots. It is a blend of black grapes and mixed berries with a tantalizing hint of menthol ice.

  • Nasty Juice Nic Salts ASAP Grape: For a stronger hit of minty grape, the ASAP Grape flavour also comes in nic salts.

  • Nasty Shisha Green Grape Shortfill: Another amazing grape flavoured e-liquid, this shortfill is made with green grapes, giving it a sharper, crisper taste. It is a perfect blend of sweet and sour for those who want more tanginess in their vape juice.

  • Nasty Shisha Grape Raspberry: Love grapes and raspberries and want an e-liquid that has them both? Look no further than Nasty Juice’s uniquely sweet and rich Grape Raspberry shortfill.

  • Nasty Juice 50/50 10ml Series Grape: Black grape mixed with ripe berry and other sweet fruits is what creates this delectable grape e-liquid. Sweet, fruity, and refeshing, you’ll enjoy vaping this grape deliciousness all day long.
If you are interested in going smoking free and want to try using e-cigarettes, visit Vapes Direct today. We sell high quality e-cigs and delicious vape juice online like the Nasty Juice grape flavour e-liquids, e-liquid shortfills, and nic salts.  https://www.vapesdirect.co.uk/

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