5 vape juice flavours you must try!

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5 vape juice flavours you must try

If you’re a person who likes a lot of taste in your clouds, you’ll love Liqua Mix and Go Shortiflls. Available in several different blends and flavours, Liqua’se-liquids are full bodied and just as delicious at the first puff as the last.

Liqua Mix and Go Shortfills

Liqua Mix & Go Shortfills are premium in taste but are definitely not premium in cost. In addition to classic fruity and menthol flavours, it’s their tobacco e-liquids that set them apart. Liqua’s tobacco e-liquids are distinctly bold, layered, and nuanced.

Each Liqua Mix and Go Shortfill comes in 70ml bottles that are filled with 50ml of flavoured 0% nicotine e-liquid. The remaining 20ml is free for you to add in nicotine shots, or Nic shots. Nic shots are 10ml bottles of nicotine e-liquid that, depending on the strength and amount you use, can turn a shortfill bottle into 3mg or 6mg. Just choose your Nic shot, add it to your shortfill, then mix it and go!

A few of the most popular Liqua vape juice flaovurs available at Vapes Direct are:

These and several other vapour juice flavours can be found at Vapes Direct. We stock affordable vape juice in the UK from all your favourite brands like Liqua, EDGE, Nasty Juice, Zeus Juice, Vampire Vape, and so much more.

You can now also buy Bar Juice at Vapes Direct. Made by the same company that gave us the delicious Elf Bars, Bar Juice gives you the same disposable vape taste for your refillable vape. Visit Vapes Direct today to buy tasty e-liquid at cheap prices. 

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