Here's how vape pens help you quit smoking?

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how vape pens help you quit smokingEvery year in the UK, nearly 80,000 people die from smoking related diseases and complications. It is one of the leading causes of death that is also the most preventable. No matter how long you’ve been smoking or how much you smoked, it’s never too late to reverse the damage from smoking.

Cigarette smoking is responsible for 7 out of 10 cases of lung cancer. It can also lead to other lung and respiratory disorders like emphysema and COPD. In addition to lung cancer, smoking can cause cancer and other disorders throughout every part of the body.

It’s not just the smoker who can be harmed. Babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy are more likely to be born prematurely, with birth defects, and/or with developmental problems. Those exposed to second hand smoke, including children and pets, are susceptible to illness as well.

How Vape Pens Can Help You Quit Smoking

The reason smoking is such a hard habit to kick is because of the nicotine. Even if people have a strong desire to quit, their addiction to nicotine keeps them coming back. E-cigarettes and vape pens give you the nicotine your body craves without all the nasty chemicals and toxins that come with smoking cigarettes.

Vape pens are easy to use vape devices that make the switch to vaping simple, especially if you buy a vape starter kit. Vape pens are sleek, portable, and beginner friendly vapes that come in a range of makes and styles.

For even easier vaping, you can get disposable vape pens that require no knowledge or maintenance whatsoever. Just take your disposable vape out of the box and start puffing! They are draw activated and come prefilled with high strength nic salts. These features are the closest you can get to the experience of smoking of cigarette which is why many recent ex-smokers prefer disposable vapes.

Vaping should be used as an aid to quit smoking, with you gradually lowering the amount of nicotine as your cravings decrease. Eventually you will be able vape nicotine free e-liquids or quit vaping entirely.

If you’re ready to quit smoking, visit Vapes Direct to buy yourself the best vape pen and disposable vape pens online in the UK

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