Choose the best vape e-liquids in 2020

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Choose the best vape e-liquids in 2020
There are literally thousands of vape juice flavours and
e-liquids in  the market and almost limitless flavour combinations, it can be hard to know which one to choose for the best.  Before we take a look at some of the hottest flavours for 2020, here are some points to consider when it comes to thinking about your next choice of vape e-liquids. 

Take a moment to consider what vaping means to you and what you are trying to achieve with it.  Vaping for most people is designed to help them quit traditional cigarette smoking. Not finding quite the perfect match of e-liquids can be discouraging and off-putting.  The best vape liquid is the one you like so you don’t have to follow trends if you don’t like the flavour – it has to work for you.  But no-one wants to be faced with trying endless different types and brands so we have narrowed down the selection for you with some of the best picks for 2020.

  • Orange and Pineapple by Myth 50ml Shortfill E-liquidget ready for spring and summer with the fruity sensations of orange and pineapple, these vibrant flavours are all the rage this year.  These are shortfill bottles which contain 50ml of nicotine-free liquid and then a 10ml space so you can add the nicotine shot of your choice.  Just shake to blend and you are ready to go!

  • Apple Pie by Myth 50ml Shortfill E-liquidfull-on apple taste with just a hint of pastry, who wouldn’t want to try this lip-smacking e-liquid, just add your nicotine shot, shake and go!

  • Banana Milkshake by Myth 50ml Shortfill E-liquidthick and creamy with a cool taste you will love all day, just add your own nicotine

Myth shortfills allow you to add your own level of nicotine, usually up to 10ml or not as you wish, it’s the ultimate in flexibility combined with great flavours and tastes.  Take a look at the entire range of Myth Shortfills plus so much more on our website

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