Do you know about Vape Batteries and Vape Mods? How Good are They?

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Do you know about Vape Batteries and Vape Mods? How Good are They?

Once you’ve been vaping for a while, you might decide to upgrade to a box mod. Box mods tend to be much more powerful devices and come with several components that can be changed out so you can fully customise your vaping experience.

What are Vape Box Mods?
Box mods are e-cigarettes that are in the shape of the box- hence the name! They are usually larger than pen vapes and often use removable batteries. Nearly all of them will have adjustable settings which cater every part of your vaping to your taste. A great starter box mod is the Vaporesso Target Mini 2.

Vaporesso Target Mini 2
Vaporesso has made the Target Mini 2 even better than its predecessor with upgrades and enhancements like a quick charge 2000mAh battery that lasts 50% longer. It is small but mighty and ergonomically designed to fit right in the palm of your hand. The Target Mini 2 is the perfect vape for powerful vaping on the go.

Vape Batteries
One of the great things about vape mods are their removable batteries. Most experienced vapers have two sets of batteries so one set can charge while the other set is in use.

Two highly rated batteries are:

Vapcell 18650 K28 Battery
The affordable Vapcell 18650 K28 Battery has 2800mAh capacity so it provides a long-lasting, intense vaping session. You will be able to create big clouds without having to worry about the battery draining too quickly.

Vapcell 18650 K25 Battery
Another affordable option is the Vapcell 18650 K25 Battery. The Vapcell K25 is a 2500mAh flat top battery that packs a long-lasting punch with each charge.

Vape Accessories
If you decide to keep an extra set of batteries for your box mod, you’ll need to buy a good quality vape battery charger. You will also need protective cases for your batteries if you are storing or transporting them because if they are damaged, they could impact the safety of your devices.

To get the best quality cheap vape mods in the UK, visit Vapes Direct. Vapes Direct has everything you need to upgrade your vaping like box mods, vape batteries, and vape accessories.

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