Edge Eliquid and the Story Behind Them

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Edge Eliquids Banner at Vapesdirect

EDGE – The UK’s Number One Vaping Brand Sold at Vapesdirect for Just £1.50 a 10ml, No multibuy deals needed.
The Edge Mission
To help people worldwide quit smoking.
‘Smoking is the world’s biggest cause of preventable death.’
Their mission is this – To help people worldwide quit smoking through next-generation innovation.
Rooted in family values and fueled by a shared passion for wellbeing, EDGE has arisen from humble beginnings to achieve global recognition as a leading innovator of vaping products.
There journey began with one son’s goal to help his mother quit smoking and has evolved into a worldwide endeavor to empower millions to do the same. Now as a part of global pharmaceutical giant STADA AG, They constantly strive to be at the very forefront of our industry; defining best practice, catalysing innovation, and delivering products of unmatched quality and safety that both inspire and resonate with their customers.
Having achieved landmark success in the UK’s convenience sector and major retailers including ASDA & Sainsbury’s and Premier Newtown Stores, as well as through our online store Vapesdirect.co.uk, EDGE now operates in countries around the world. Each day brings  them that much closer to reaching their collective goals.
Their mission is simple in essence but complex to achieve – EDGE stands ready to meet that challenge.
Edge Eliquid Values
The business is underpinned by core values which dictate the way they make decisions concerning the environment, the way they conduct business, and manage their people to ensure.
Edge Eliquid brands are driven by shared passions and approach every challenge with positivity. They aim to develop collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships throughout the business, and to support each other in their pursuit of success.
they expect total honesty and integrity in all transactions and communications they take responsibility for actions and conduct their business with respect, ethics and professionalism at all times.
Edge Eliquid strive to bring only the best products to market, where regulatory and compliance requirements are always adhered to, and where health, safety and leading performance are never compromised.
Edge Brands proactively improve the user experience of our products and services through industry-leading innovation driven by an understanding of the constantly changing needs and goals of our customers and partners.
Focused on Quality and Consistency
Thanks to their dedicated Technical, Regulatory & Quality Control teams, EDGE products are at the forefront of compliance and safety. Edge Eiquids ensure all aspects of their products are rigorously tested to achieve consistent apex-quality. Consumer safety and satisfaction are at the core of our ethos.
Exemplary Production
Utilising bespoke state-of-the-art technology, EDGE are capable of manufacturing in excess of 75,000,000 bottles per year. Audited to GMP standards, our ISO 9001 certified UK facilities are second-to-none; operating highly refined production and dispatch processes, going above and beyond to ensure total consumer satisfaction. Each batch blended is held to the highest possible standard, subject to strict quality controls before, during and after production. Our extensive ISO 17025 accredited in-house laboratory allows for a comprehensive suite of analysis to be enacted upon everything EDGE produces, delivering consistent quality for an unmatched user experience.
The Finest Ingredients
EDGE have spared no expense in ensuring their products are manufactured using only the highest quality, fully compliant and traceable components. EDGE e-liquids utilise pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, EU/SP Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerol (VG), alongside premium flavourings from regularly audited, trusted suppliers.
Cutting-Edge Hardware
EDGE vaping devices are held to the same exacting standards as our e-liquids. No design is ever signed off without the most rigorous testing. Constant innovation delivers unique, ground-breaking technology seeking to challenge the norm and offer consumers reliable, premium quality e-cigarettes. Alongside unique revolutionary features and patented technologies, no EDGE device is released to market without a full suite of safety features including overcharge protection and cut-offs to prevent overheating.


Here are just 13 of their top flavours


Options are 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg


British Tobacco gives you your traditional tobacco flavour. Therefore, it is recommended as an all-day vape especially for someone who does not like fruity blends.


Virginia Tobacco is an e-liquid that creates of the taste of what rolled cigarettes is like.


Strawberry milkshake combines strawberry and vanilla to create a smooth strawberry milkshake flavour.


Strawberry and Lime combines two popular flavours, it’s a mix of strawberries and limes, making it an interesting combination.


Forest fruits is a flavour that cannot be missed. This e-liquid is a blend of berries including strawberries and blueberries.


Cherry Menthol is a twist on two flavours mixed into one e-liquid. This e-liquid starts with a taste of cherry which is followed by menthol.


Blueberry is an e-liquid with a fruity taste making it perfect for when you want a good morning vape.


Blackcurrant is one of the fruit flavours that should not be missed. This flavour is perfect for anyone who loves the fruity blends of e-liquid.


Very Menthol is just like your standard menthol but with more of an EDGE. As a result, this e-liquid has a strong menthol flavour.


Heizen is a blend of fruits and menthol. This blend gives you a mix of fruit and menthol in one.

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