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Edge Eliquid Nic Salts
Nic salts are the identical form of nicotine found in regular tobacco, nic salts are the natural state of nicotine that is blended with the liquid to create a suitable e-liquid that can then be vaped via a device of your choice. Vapes direct sells nic salts online and also the very popular Edge e-liquid nic salts which are vastly superior to most other nic salts products.  Take a look at our online store for the best salt nic juice and the unbeatable Edge eliquid nic salts.

The nicotine in Nic Salt juice is better absorbed into the bloodstream, unlike the standard distilled nicotine which is typically found in most e-liquids.  But creating a strong nicotine strength vape can result in a harsh e-liquid which is unpleasant to both taste and use.  These are known as containing freebase nicotine which is commonly found in most e-liquids.  For the best nic salts online, try Edge e-liquid nic salts which produce a flavour which is satisfyingly strong without a harsh or bitter taste and featuring all of the popular premium flavours such as Forest Fruits and Menthol from Vapes Direct, renowned for the best salt nic juice.

Are nic salts better?
E-liquid nic salts
are smoother than regular vape juice allowing you to vape higher concentrations of nicotine.  You will consume less juice which makes nic salts more cost-effective too.  For economy, taste and satisfaction, nic salt juice is a winner every time.

Buy your nic salts from our comprehensive range of products but be sure not to miss the best-selling Edge e-liquid nic salts which offer a smooth and superior flavour to most of the standard nic salts e-liquids on offer.  With fast dispatching and all the trending vaping products, kits and accessories, Vapes Direct is your one-stop shop for all your vaping needs delivered directly to your door.  Visit our website https://www.vapesdirect.co.uk

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