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Many people are still unaware of the Vaping Industry’s leaps and bounds in terms of flavour.
Liqua has recently launched its new rendition of a tried and true favourite among the top flavour picks with avid vapers. Their latest vape flavour is Tobacco, a taste that has been praised by everyone who has tried it.

What are Liqua E-liquids?
Liqua Flavoured E-liquids are the newest and most celebrated range of vaping products to have made their place in the industry because of their excellent quality and unique flavours. Liqua E-liquids have been mixed creatively to suit each vaper, with varying flavours in both half VG and 70% VG strengths. For safekeeping, each cartridge is also packaged in portable, food-safe PET containers.

The removable filling tip has been  upgraded for direct filling of eGo and eCab fuel cartridges and the screw cap has a child security lock.

What is the E-Liquid’s composition?
All Liqua Ingredients which include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavours and nicotine are safe for inspection and  full of robust flavour. Each Liqua vape liquid has passed inspection by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), the world’s leading testing and inspection company which serves the Vape Industry.

The nicotine utilised in Liqua vape liquids doesn't contain any tobacco and is shielded from oxidation during manufacture.
Liqua prefers to keep it safe and simple when it comes to ingredients, so the quality of flavour shines through. Liqua Ice Tobacco and Liqua Sweet Tobacco include:

  • propylene glycol (PG, E 1520)
  • glycerin (VG, E 422) 
  • nicotine dose: 3mg/ml

The Tobacco Flavour, In Depth
This bright Tobacco E-liquid gives a full-bodied feel. It boasts zesty tones along with sandalwood, encompassing an authentic balance characterised by premium quality traditional tobacco.

The fragrance is also pleasant, making it even more enjoyable to invoke the Liqua experience. The sweet-smelling aroma
is perfectly moderate and not overwhelming while the presence and hold in the mouth are considered excellent by Tobacco E-liquid users.

This flavour has the signature taste of tobacco which is supplemented by a fiery yet sweet sandalwood aroma. Tobacco E-Liquid vape users have suggested this incredible flavour has even helped them transition from smoking conventional cigarettes.

If you’re searching for a comparative vaping experience, you should
indulge your senses with other extraordinary E-Liquid flavours in the Classic Tobacco family such as Turkish Tobacco and Cuban Cigar. Visit us online today and browse our selection of choices

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