Everything You Should Know About Grape Flavour Eliquids

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Grape flavour eliquids
There’s never been a better time to switch from smoking to vaping. We all know about the damage that smoking does to our bodies, and at Vapes Direct we can offer a range of flavours, pens and vape kits to get you started. We stock the products you desire no matter what your taste or preference. One flavour of e-liquid that is always popular is grape and at Vapes Direct, we think we know why.

Grape Flavour Eliquids
The grape is a fruit that we’re all familiar with. Simple, sweet and available in bite-sized portions, the grape is popular with both fruit lovers and those who struggle to maintain enough fruit in their diet. If you think back to your childhood, the sweetest fruits were probably always your preference. As you got older, you may have experimented with flavoured bubble gum, including grape flavour. Grape flavoured gum gave a rush of sweetness combined with fruity deliciousness and with a similar taste, you’ll find that our grape flavour options, including Zeus Juice Eliquid will take you on a trip down memory lane.

Bolt by Zeus Juice Eliquid
This popular short fill e-liquid in UK will not disappoint. Perfectly designed to taste like your favourite grape gum, this short fill will remind you of your childhood. With 10ml of space in the bottle for you preferred nicotine shot, you can customise the e-liquid to give you 60ml of 3mg e-liquid, making it the perfect short fill for your needs.

This short fill is quick and easy to mix and can save you money too.

The Joy of Vaping
At Vapes Direct we also stock a range of pens and vape kits to help you get started with vaping or to give you new experiences if you already vape.

Visit our online store to choose the right pen, kit or grape flavour eliquids for fast, convenient home delivery.

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