Geek Bar vs Cigarettes: Is Geek Bar better than a Cigarette?

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Geek Bar vs Cigarettes: Is Geek Bar better than a Cigarette?

It’s been long established that vaping is a far healthier habit compared to smoking. That’s not where the benefits end, though, especially when it comes to the
Geek Bar Disposable Pod devices. Here are a few reasons why people who have switched to Geek Bars will never turn back.

Geek Bar vs Cigarette Puff Count 
On average, a single cigarette gives a smoker 15-20 puffs. This makes a pack of cigarettes around 400 puffs. Each Geek Bar has around 575 puffs in it, meaning you get far more puff for your money with them. 

Geek Bar vs Cigarette Flavours 
Cigarettes pretty much come in one flavour: cigarette. Menthol cigarettes used to be available in the UK but since 2020 the sale of flavoured cigarettes has been banned.   

Geek Bars and other e-cigarette products aren’t limited by bans on flavouring. There’s also no nasty after-taste so the only thing you’ll be able to taste is the delicious flavour of your e-liquid. 

Some of the incredible Geek Bar flavours are:

Geek Bar vs Cigarette Ingredients
One of the reasons cigarettes are so dangerous is because of the thousands of additional toxic chemicals and compounds added to them. 

Geek Bars are pre-filled with e-liquid that is made up of food-grade quality ingredients that undergo rigorous testing. With Geek Bar, you can rest assured you’re inhaling vapour that’s far safer than cigarette smoke.

Geek Bar vs Cigarette Price
The cheapest packs of cigarettes you can get in the UK are around £10 and the most expensive can set you back over £15. Geek Bars, on the other hand, are available at Vapes Direct for £4.49 each.

This is yet another benefit to making the switch to Geek Bars. With Geek Bars, you’ll be improving your health and your wallet. 

Other Features of the Geek Bar 
You won’t need to worry about battery charging or any other cleaning or maintenance with Geek Bars. Everything you need to vape comes right in the bar. Once it runs out of e-liquid, simply get a new bar and start puffing. 

For Geek Bars, vaping gear, and cheap disposable grape flavour e-liquids, visit Vapes Direct. We have all of your vaping needs available at affordable prices.

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