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edge e liquidEDGE is a leading vape liquid brand that produces some of the best tasting flavours available in the UK. As if their range of delicious ecig liquid wasn’t enough, they’re also one of the most affordable brands out there. EDGE prides itself on creating cheap bottles of e-liquid that don’t compromise on quality or ingredients.

At Vapes Direct, you’ll find EDGE’s range of e-liquid available as shortfills or as 10ml bottles in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. Starting at just 1.50, you’ll be sure to love the price and the taste of EDGE’s e-liquids.

EDGE E-liquid

Edge Eliquid Very Menthol: A 50/50 e-liquid with a strong, minty taste that will tingle the back of your throat with a cool, refreshing sensation.

Liqua Eliquids

Another affordable brand of premium vape liquid you’ll find at Vapes Direct is Liqua. Like EDGE, they focus on creating incredible flavours that fit into everyone’s budget.

Some of their most popular flavours include:

  • Liqua Traditional Tobacco: Classic tobacco topped with spicy sweet sandalwood.
  • Liqua Coffee: Aromatic roasted Italian coffee beans blended with sweet caramel and nuts.
  • Liqua Menthol: Crisp, revitalising icy menthol that will cool and revive your senses.
  • Liqua Berry Mix: A sweet burst of fruity strawberries, juicy cherries, tart grapes, and tangy citrus.

For the best vape liquid in the UK, visit Vapes Direct. You can buy premium yet affordable ecig liquid from well loved brands like EDGE and LIQUA. Save money today on high quality, delicious vape liquid from Vapes Direct. 

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