The Best Vape Deals Ever on Black Friday 2019

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The Best Vape Deals Ever on Black Friday 2019

Vaping, as an alternative to smoking is so popular that some people who have never smoked tobacco want to take up vaping. But as a way to reduce dependency on cigarette smoking, the popularity of vaping just continues to grow. With the Christmas party season ahead, Vapes Direct can offer you the very best prices on vape liquid in the UK and cheap vape kits from trusted suppliers and with free UK delivery on top.

Black Friday 2019 is going to be enormous for vape deals and sales! We thought our value couldn’t be beaten online for cheap vape kitsbut Black Friday has seen us reduce our prices even more. We offer your favourite vape liquid packs at an incredible value for money, and this just got even better.

If you are a vape beginner we offer Vaptio Tyro or Aspire SL X Starter Kits and equipment for experienced vapers along with a comprehensive range of accessories and all the favourite e-liquid brands.

We also have a wide collection of coils and tanks to offer on our website. They are increasingly popular in the vaping customisation scene. Vape tanks not only improve capacity but also let users to precisely control the airflow, which is yet another way to adjust the flavour of the vape. Airflow control also alters the volume of vapour being produced. Coils can provide the user with a way of regulating the temperature to a fine level while also giving control over the resistance of the coil, and the resulting amount of vapour produced.

Our E-liquids mystery box is also a must-try. It has delicious flavours at an excellent price. The collection is so fantastic; it would make an awesome Christmas gift, for any of the vapers on your list.

Our Trustpilot reviews mean you really can believe our prices and we don’t compromise on quality or service. So get shopping today, if you smoke vape then there is no better expert and price-sensitive retailer in the vape market.

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