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Are you in search of the coolest vape liquid?  We have vapes direct have the kind of stuff you will most likely rate as your "cool". Vape liquid which are the liquids used in vaping contains different kind of ingredients which makes it as unique as it might appear to be. The ingredients used in the manufacturing of vape liquids can be safe or harmful but you can be rest assured that you will only get the best of treat at vapes direct.

Liqua Eliquid

The various ingredients safe for the manufacture of vape liquid are as follows: liquid vegetable glycerine is an important substance that made from natural fats. Unlike its source, it is not necessarily fat instead; it contains alcohol that is safe to exhale. Nicotine which actually is a safe drug is also a constituent of vape liquid though nicotine is considered to be harmful, it's actually the smoke produced by cigarette that is harmful. Flavorings, which are also contained in the vape liquid, are made from food-grade additives that give the vape liquid the coolness they exude. Propylene glycol is also a major constituent of vape liquids, constituting an alcohol with a faintly sweet taste.

At vape direct in the United Kingdom, we have the coolest brands of vape liquids that are health friendly.  Our liqua caramel is an awesome vape liquid that will give you satisfaction and caramel goodness all rolled into one. We also have in stock the liqua Blackberry that is laden will give you the blackberry feel you crave for. The Liqua pineapple is also a great treat, possessing the pineapple fruity taste and giving you bouts of satisfaction as you vape on. There are a whole lot just for you; we've got the liqua watermelon, the liqua vanilla with vanilla goodness, the liqua tutti frutti and others for your delight.

Since vaping has been confirmed to be a lot safer option than actual smoking, with our caliber of vape liquids, you need not worry about the complications smoking brings such as increased risks of developing heart diseases and vascular diseases. Research also has it that smokers have increased risks of developing decreased lung functional capacity and diseases like emphysema. Not only will you enjoy maximum satisfaction, but you also have the liberty of different choices till you settle for whatever suits you best even if you're a newbie at it.

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