The Impact of Vape Tank Design on Performance and User Experience.

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The Impact of Vape Tank Design on Performance and User Experience

The make and model of your vape tank is crucial to how well your vape performs. You need to make sure the tank you choose works with your device, e-liquid, and preferred style of vaping. This guide by Vapes Direct will help you get the perfect tank for truly satisfying clouds!

MTL vs DTL Vape Tanks

The two main types of vape tanks are Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Direct-to-Lung (DTL) tanks.

MTL tanks are preferred by many recent ex-smokers because the inhale is similar to that of a cigarette. When you inhale, the vapour is held in the mouth before being inhaled into the lungs. They give a smoother throat hit and should be used at a lower wattage. MTL tanks should be paired with coils that are 1.0ohm or higher and are suited to higher nicotine levels. 

DTL tanks, or sub ohm tanks, produce more vapour than MTL tanks. They’re often called sub ohm tanks because they are used with coils rated below 1.0ohm. Sub ohm coils heat up quickly, use higher wattages, and produce more vapour so they use e-liquid faster than MTL coils. However, many vape users find the flavour to be better in DTL tanks.

For the best performance, use lower nicotine e-liquids in your DTL tank. The vapour produced by DTL coils has a stronger throat hit and uses more power, so you’ll still get a decent amount of nicotine while using 3mg or 6mg e-liquids.

Vape Tank Features

The best quality vape tanks are usually made of sturdy glass like Pyrex. Plastic tanks are also durable popular but are usually used in replaceable pod tanks rather than in traditional style tanks.

Another important feature of vape tanks is its airflow.For more intense flavour, opt for a tank that has a restricted airflow or has an adjustable airflow. With an adjustable airflow, you can play around until you get the exact vapour, you’re after.

Vape Tanks from Vapes Direct

We are a trusted supplier of several brands of high performing vape tanks, including:

For premium quality vape tank brands at cheap prices, shop now at Vapes Direct. All of our products are genuine and guaranteed to provide you with delicious vapour productions.

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